A tool for managing spray application records for an orchard, designed with EPA record-keeping and reporting to processors and packing houses in mind.

The 2022 version (v6.1) of the spray workbook is available in the table below. This version is similar in structure and function to the 2019 version. Prior versions of the workbook are also provided in the table below but are not recommended as they do not contain more recently released compounds or may contain references to now-banned products.

Prior contributors to this version include Matt Harsh (early versions), Sladjana Prozo (2012-2018 updates), Edwin Winzeler (2018-2019), and Daniel Weber (2019-).

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Comment: This version may not work with earlier versions of Microsoft Excel, Office for Mac, or other office software such as LibreOffice, OpenOffice, or Numbers.
Date Download Version Requirements Comments

6.1 (2022)

2022 README file

Microsoft Excel 2016/Office 365
  • This version of the spreadsheet removes references to chlorpyrifos as it is no longer permissible to apply it to trees bearing fruit destined for market. The information about chlorpyrifos available in previous versions of this workbook may be found in a separate worksheet for reference purposes only.
  • This version includes updates to products recommended by Dr. Kari Peter and Dr. Greg Krawczyk as they appear in the 2022-2023 Penn State Tree Fruit Production Guide.
  • New entries include more verbose information on restrictions and on pests controlled.
  • Herbicide recommendations, fumigants, and nematicides have, at this time, unfortunately, not been updated. A subsequent release of this workbook will occur in the future, updating these classes of products.
  • If you are using a product and it lacks an entry in this workbook, please contact Daniel Weber at daniel.weber@psu.edu with the full product name (e.g., “Captan 80 WDG”) and the manufacturer. The product will be added, and a new version of the workbook will be made available for download.
2019-04-05 6.0 (2019)
  • Microsoft Excel 2016/365
  • Windows 7, 10
  • Includes updated databases for apple and peach spray products.
  • Spray products for cherry and pear are the same as found in the 2018 edition and may contain products no longer available. Always consult the label for correct dosages.
  • Herbicide products and growth regulator compounds have been merged together in the apple and peach database. Since the applicator typically knows the product name ahead of time, the merged list is easier to navigate.
  • Herbicide products and growth regulator compounds are separated into different regions in the pull-down list of product names for cherry and pear.
2018-02-28 5.0 (2018)
  • Microsoft Excel 2016/365
  • Windows 7, 10
  • The database of spray products includes products no longer available and may, on occasion, produce errors in certain Excel cells. Always consult the label for correct dosages.

    Note: While every effort has been made to ensure that the products described in the database meet current environmental regulations and application rates, please read the label prior to product application to ensure compliance with all governmental regulations. Penn State University and Penn State Extension provide this information "as-is" and are not liable for the misapplication of products described herein.

    Development Version (Beta-Testing Version)

    The development version of the Orchard Spray Record-keeping tool is forked from the original spreadsheet found above. The purpose of this new version is ultimately to provide new capabilities to the orchard manager and to make the tool more flexible for diverse operations. It is still very much in the development stage, though it retains the same functionality provided by the previous version for apple and peach.

    If you are managing a production orchard, you are urged to choose one of the stable versions listed above. This version is for people who are willing to beta-test the software, report bugs as they are uncovered, and suggest new features.

    Comment: This product has not been tested with earlier versions of Microsoft Excel, Office for Mac, or other office software such as LibreOffice, OpenOffice, or Numbers. Chances are good that the spreadsheet will mostly function correctly in these packages, but use at your own risk.
    Date Download Version Requirements Comments
    2019-03-11 1.0b
    • Microsoft Excel 2016/365
    • Windows 7, 10
    • This version provides spray data and worksheets for apple and peach only.
    • This version may have bugs that cause unexpected behaviors.

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