Add an Account to Outlook

These instructions will help you add additional accounts to Outlook.

Change Your E-Mail Alias

You may have noticed that some people have rather cryptic e-mail addresses like while other people have easy to type and easy to remember addresses like In this example, the jhs127 is this person's user id and JSmith is this person's alias. Sending mail to either of these addresses results in the same person receiving your mail. By using an alias you may make your own e-mail address easier for others to use.

Configure Mac Mail With Microsoft Exchange

The following will help you setup your Microsoft Exchange email account with Mac Mail.

Email Marketing Guidelines

Guidelines for sending promotional emails and complying with the CAN-SPAM Act.

Forward away from Office365

For those leaving the University, you can change where your email is delivered by forwarding your email away from PLEASE NOTE: At this time, Oct 31, 2018, Ag IT is not sure of how long this forward will remain in place. Just something to be aware of as the University creates a new policy.

Forward your PSU Email

If you are leaving the College and are removed from the College of Ag Sciences' Exchange server, these steps allow you to change where email sent to your is delivered. You can forward your mail to the default Penn State email servers ( or even to an outside Penn State address.

How to Create a PSU Listserv

A listserv is an email-based mailing list. It is used to send announcements to a large group of people and for creating discussion groups among interested individuals. You can use these steps to request a new listserv.

Update your Preferred Name (O365)

This How To will provide instructions on how to update your preferred name for O365.