If you are leaving the College and are removed from the College of Ag Sciences' Exchange server, these steps allow you to change where email sent to your Userid@psu.edu is delivered. You can forward your mail to the default Penn State email servers (email.psu.edu) or even to an outside Penn State address.

As a College of Ag Science's employee, you will receive an account on our Exchange server. To ensure that all your email sent to your Userid@psu.edu (ex: vcv1@psu.edu) from outside the College arrives in that mailbox, you need to go to Penn State's www.work.psu.edu page and set the forwarding address to your College email address. For these steps, see Forwarding your Access Account to Exchange.

How To Forward to Penn State (or non-PSU Address)

  1. Go to the following website: https://accounts.psu.edu/
  2. Click Login.
  3. Enter your Penn State Access Account Userid.
  4. Enter your Access Account password.
  5. Look for the Email Settings and then Email Forwarding section.

    Note: Please review the Forwarding address information.
  6. If you are forwarding your email to a Penn State server, in the Forwarding address field, enter your Penn State Access Account Userid followed by @email.psu.edu.
    If you are forwarding your mail to a non Penn State address ... enter that E-mail address.
  7. Click Save.
  8. You should briefly see a message that says, "Your change is being processed."
  9. When you are returned to the Forwarding address screen, your new forwarding address will be displayed in the field.
  10. Look for your name at the top right. Select it and then choose Log Out.
  11. Click Log out. Close the browser window.

Note: You should never give out the "full" Userid@email.psu.edu address. Only give out the "short" form of the email address .... Userid@psu.edu.