Posted: October 15, 2018

EZ Fed grants is the USDA's electronic system for grant award management. Progress reports submission through EZ Fed now required for many grants.

Over a year ago, the USDA began using EZ Fed grants as their electronic system for grant award management. For many USDA grants it is required that progress reports be submitted by the PI in the EZ Fed Grants system. PSU invoices for grant spending will not be accepted by the USDA until progress reports are submitted. Therefore, it's crucial that technical reports be submitted to the USDA on a timely basis.

Please visit EZ Fed Grants, click on "Launch EZ Fed Grants" and follow the instructions to register for an account with Level II authorization. The USDA has online tutorials and offers monthly live educational sessions if you need assistance. We will also try to assist you in using the system and getting registered.