Proposal Submission Timeline Effective 6/25/2021

3+ Weeks Before Deadline

  • PI notifies OGC of intent to submit proposal
  • PI requests information from subcontractors
  • PI obtains/collects letter of support/approvals for cost share
  • PI submits F&A waiver request to OGC, if applicable
  • PI provides OGC with draft budget
  • OGC reviews proposal guidelines and shares info with PI
  • OGC provides internal, first draft budget

2 Weeks Before Deadline

  • PI and OGC approve budget and justification
  • OGC prepares and routes Internal Approval Farm (IAF)
  • To secure a spot in submission queue, PI provides OGC with:
    • Final files required per guidelines, not including narrative, abstract, and bibliography and references cited
    • Approved match requests
    • Approved F&A waiver, if applicable
  • OGC, once PI secures spot in submission queue will:
    • Build and review application kit and recommend edits
    • Begin compliance review process: COl, human subs, animal research, international activities, biohazards, etc.

1 Week Before Deadline

  • PI will ensure IAF is approved by PI, co-PIs, Department heads, research deans
  • OGC will perform final review of all application components and provide feedback/request for corrections

3 Days Before Deadline

  • Proposal is complete and Final Review complete
  • PI will review final proposal and provide confirmation that the proposal is correct and ready for submission
  • Grant submitted to sponsor
New USDA Deadlines

USDA Upcoming RFA Calendar

Submit Intent to Prepare a Proposal

Use this form to initiate the process of proposal preparation. To ensure the best possible service from the Grants and Contracts Office, please complete this form 4-6 weeks before submission.

Commonly Requested Facts


The Commonly Requested Facts sheet is a single page document that provides the “quick and dirty” information needed to answer administration related questions for grants. It include official names, addresses, dates, rates and other commonly requested data bits. Print it out and keep it handy for quick reference.

Procedures for Proposal Processing
Fact Sheet: Requesting College support for GAs and GIAs

Word 2007 document, 17.5 KB

Fact Sheet: Unemployment Compensation for Grant Funded Employees

Word 2007 document, 76.9 KB

Introduction to the Broader Impact Resource Center

PowerPoint 2007 presentation, 1.4 MB

Updated Material Transfer Agreements (MTA)

New MTA checklist

Minimum Salary on Grants

This policy applies to all individuals that work with grants and related funding. It directly affects Principal Investigators and Key/Senior Personnel listed on grants.

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)
Non-Proprietary Field Trial Agreement
Peer Review Form (Special Grants)

PDF document, 18.1 KB

Penn State Risk Management
Pre-Award Costs Authorization Form

PDF document, 50.1 KB

Principal Investigator Confirmation/Exception Form

PDF document, 156.9 KB

Subcontract/Subaward Request Form
University Sponsored Programs Current Rates


Working with Industry
OSP Issues Guidance About New Support Regulations

OSP issues guidance to comply with new NIH Other Support regulations, May 17, 2021.