Impact Opportunities

Join with us as we tackle the world’s greatest challenges, develop globally minded citizens, and provide access to education for students from every background.

Professorships, Chairs, and Scholars


Recognize extraordinary achievement. Attract, retain, and honor world-class faculty by creating an endowment in an academic area that matters to you.

Named faculty positions — chairs, professors, scholars, department heads, etc. — are one of the greatest indicators of institutional strength. The more endowed faculty positions we have available, the more leverage we have when recruiting internationally recognized scholars or honoring and retaining current faculty stars. Named faculty positions help attract top students by giving them the opportunity to work with leaders in their fields. The College of Agricultural Sciences has approximately 20 named faculty positions recognizing excellence in entomology, avian biology, forestry, food science, entrepreneurship, and other fields. These and the new endowed positions we seek will strengthen our research enterprise, increase the impact of our extension and outreach programs, and ensure educational excellence. Endowed faculty positions live in perpetuity, reflecting the passions and interests of the generous philanthropists who create them.

Graduate Fellowships

Graduate Fellowships

Make it possible for first-rate graduate students to focus their time and talent on becoming tomorrow’s leaders in the agricultural sciences.

Competition for the nation’s highest caliber graduate students is intense. These bright individuals have the capacity to create new knowledge and participate in groundbreaking basic and applied research for the benefit of humanity. They mentor and inspire undergraduate students and bring new perspectives and innovative ideas. Where a top-notch student chooses to pursue his or her graduate studies is a decision made based both on the caliber and reputation of the program as well as on the availability of graduate fellowships. With the help of tuition remission, a stipend, and in most cases, medical insurance, graduate fellows can concentrate on their work, ultimately elevating the reputation of the college as well as the university. Increasing the number of graduate fellowships available in the College of Agricultural Sciences, through generous philanthropic support, is a high priority.

Undergraduate Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships

Be someone who makes it possible for students to attend — and afford — Penn State on their way to becoming tomorrow’s leaders in the agricultural sciences.

The College of Agricultural Sciences has one of the largest and most successful scholarship programs at Penn State. Thanks to the generosity of our alumni and friends, we are able to support one out of every four undergraduate students in the college with financial aid through scholarships. Our goal is to make sure that each student, regardless of background or financial well-being, has access to a timely degree and a true Penn State experience. Among our alumni are entrepreneurs, CEOs, and government leaders, as well as educators, scientists, food and dairy producers, horticulturalists, plant pathologists, foresters, wildlife conservationists, insect experts, and livestock breeders. How might their lives, not to mention the industries, farms, institutions, and communities where they made their mark, have been affected if they could not have afforded a Penn State education? Who will tomorrow’s leaders be? Through privately funded undergraduate scholarships, more bright and ambitious students — many of whom have financial need — will be able to fulfill their dreams to make an even greater impact.

Program Endowments

Program Endowments

Match your interests and passions with the priorities of the college by making a College of Agricultural Sciences program your philanthropic priority.

You can help the college respond to a rapidly changing world by endowing a completely new program or supporting an existing program in some way.  Program endowments can be used to fund research projects, create lecture series, update lab equipment, or provide seed money to a faculty member with an innovative idea. Through program support, you can make new opportunities available to students or bring important business, industry, and government leaders to campus to inspire students and faculty alike.

If Penn State Extension made a difference in your life, you might consider creating an endowment supporting one of extension’s many research-based educational programs for youth or adults.