Named professorships, chairs, and other faculty positions recognize excellence. They help attract and retain extraordinary scholars and leaders and elevate the prestige of the college. These professorships are made possible by the philanthropic gifts of the college's generous donors.

C. Daniel Azzara, Ph.D.
Alan R. Warehime Faculty Chair in Agribusiness
Director Entrepreneurship and Innovation

John Boney, Ph.D.
Vernon E. Norris Faculty Fellow of Poultry Nutrition
Assistant Professor of Poultry Science

William F. Elmendorf, Ph.D.
Joseph E. Ibberson Chair in Urban and Community Forestry

Gary Felton, Ph.D.
Ralph O. Mumma Professor
Professor and Department Head of Entomology

Mark Gagnon, Ph.D.
Harbaugh Entrepreneur and Innovation Faculty Scholar in the College of Agricultural Sciences
Associate Teaching Professor, Agribusiness

Mark Guiltinan, Ph.D.
J. Franklin Styer Professor of Horticultural Botany
Professor of Plant Molecular Biology

Christina Grozinger, Ph.D.
Publius Vergilius Maro Professor in the College of Agricultural Sciences
Professor of Entomology
Director, Center for Pollinator Research, Insect Biodiversity Center
Associate Director for Research, Institute for Sustainable Agricultral, Food and Environmental Science

Jill Hamilton, Ph.D.
Joseph E. Ibberson Chair in Silviculture Research for Pennsylvania
Associate Professor
Director, Schatz Center for Tree Molecular Genetics

Sara Hermann, Ph.D.
Tombros Early Career Professor
Assistant Professor of Arthropod Ecology and Trophic Interactions

Helene Hopfer, Ph.D.
Rasmussen Career Development Professor in Food Science
Associate Professor of Food Science

Jasna Kovac, Ph.D.
Lester Earl and Veronica Casida Career Development Professor of Food Safety
Assistant Professor of Food Science

Judd Michael, Ph.D.
Nationwide Insurance Professor of Agricultural Safety and Health
Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Gary H. Perdew, Ph.D.
H. Thomas and Dorothy Willits Hallowell Chair in Agricultural Sciences
Director for the Center for Molecular Toxicology and Carcinogenesis

Joy Pate, Ph.D.
C. Lee Rumberger and Family Chair in Agricultural Sciences
Professor of Reproductive Physiology

Andrew Patterson, Ph.D.
John T. and Paige S. Smith Professor in Agricultural Sciences
Professor of Molecular Toxicology
Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Ramesh Ramachandran, Ph.D.
Walter H. Ott Professor in Avian Biology
Professor of Reproductive Biology

Christopher Scott, Ph.D.
Maurice K. Goddard Chair of Forestry and Environmental Resource Conservation

Maria Spencer, Ph.D.
John and Patty Warehime Entrepreneur in Residence
Assistant Clinical Professor

Margarita López-Uribe, Ph.D.
Lorenzo L. Langstroth Early Career Professor in Entomology
Associate Professor of Entomology

*List current as of October 2022

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