Summertime at Penn State!

Posted: July 6, 2012

I'll keep you up to date this summer with some cool happenings and opportunities in the College of Ag Sciences!
Hey, I'm Allison and I will be blogging on behalf of the College of Ag Sciences this summer!

Hey, I'm Allison and I will be blogging on behalf of the College of Ag Sciences this summer!

Hey there, my name is Allison Hoover, and I will be your Summer 2012 Think Again blogger. I just finished my second year here at Penn State and am excited to share some cool stuff with you this summer. But first- let’s get acquainted!

Like I said, I’m Allison, or Alli, and I will be a junior this fall here at University Park. I am majoring in Agricultural and Extension Education and am working on a few minors: International Agriculture, Spanish, and Sustainability Leadership. I still don’t know what I want to do upon graduation, but I never fear that my Penn State College of Ag Sciences degree will fail me in finding a great career!

In addition to academics and the wonderful faculty and staff that have helped me develop my interests, I have come to truly appreciate College of Ag Sciences student groups and programs. Starting two summers ago as an AG LEAP student, I not only enjoyed the time at Penn State in the summer, but I also found some friends who would stick with me for several years--one of whom was my roommate in EARTH House for the past two years. EARTH House is a special living option in North Halls and a student club in the college which offers the chance for you to live in superb suite-like dorms with students of similar academic interests.

Upon the start of my freshman fall semester, I was immediately involved in Collegiate FFA. I was a very active FFA member and a Pennsylvania State Officer before college began. With Collegiate FFA, I got to travel to a national convention, serve in a leadership position my freshman year, and eat free food at every meeting--very common with College of Ag Science student groups! I am also an Ag Advocate, helping to promote the college through student visits and events. Outside of the college, I am an active member of Penn State Navigators Christian Campus Ministry where I have found some fantastic friends and personal growth, just one of the tons of opportunities Penn State offers in general.

Stay tuned for a blog about my recent 6-week Costa Rican travel experience, which wouldn’t have been possible without an Ag Science immersion experience and grant program! Until next time friends--enjoy the sun and summertime, follow along with my blog, and ask any questions as I keep you up to date throughout this College of Ag Sciences summer!