Exploring Happy Valley- My rock climbing adventure

Posted: November 3, 2011

I love to get outdoors, especially this time of year, and exploring Happy Valley provides a much needed break from the classroom and books!
Repelling on a Penn State Adventure Recreation trip!

Repelling on a Penn State Adventure Recreation trip!

This past weekend, I ventured into the woods with five fellow students as part of a Penn State Adventure Recreation rock climbing experience. We traveled about 30 minutes to Donation Rocks, where we spent the day learning to climb and repel on natural rock faces. I love getting outdoors, especially in this beautiful fall weather! The mountains and valleys were covered in shades of orange and yellow and the crisp air provided a much-needed break from the classroom and books.

This is my third trip I have taken with Adventure Recreation, a program offering outdoor exploration experience trips to students and the community. From providing everything from transportation to food, Adventure Recreation is just one example of the amazing opportunities provided to students at Penn State. I’m excited to explore further trips ranging from backpacking to white-water rafting to fly-fishing.

State College is one of my favorite places for outdoor activities. From hiking in Rothrock State Forest to fishing at Whipple Dam State Park, my weekends are usually complete with a day spent in the pristine nature of central PA! As an active member of the Penn State Bass Fishing club, we utilize the resources in the area and are getting in as much fishing time as possible before the weather turns cold. I’d highly recommend you make the most of your time in Happy Valley, grab some friends for the day, and get out and explore!