Seasonal Monitoring Data and Models

Seasonal disease, insect, and thinning models for precision management of fruit diseases, insect pests, and crop load.

Seasonal updates on insect trap counts and egg hatch models.

Blossom Blight

Seasonal infection periods for apple scab, fire blight, and sooty blotch/flyspeck for regions throughout Pennsylvania and central Maryland.

The Cornell Apple Carbohydrate Thinning Model is an attempt to factor in the interaction of environmental conditions and a tree’s physiological status for precision crop load management.

Blush and ground color changes as fruit mature. Photo by Brianne Redman.

Routine measurements of fruit starch levels, ground color and other maturity indices allow growers to make improved decisions about optimum harvest dates for long-term storage. During August through the end of October, 2017, this site will be updated weekly with both tables and photos that demonstrate progressions in apple maturity.