Manages cropland used to produce feed for college livestock, efficiently utilizes animal manure, and provides stewardship of the land. Also manages the Ag Arena and Busing Services for the College.

Farm Operations mission

is to provide a diverse array of services to the College of Agricultural Sciences and selected University units in a flexible and timely manner. Farm Operations is responsible for the management of cropland used to produce feed for College livestock, efficient utilization of animal manure, and stewardship of the land.

Other services include

  • Ag Arena management and support services.
  • University wastewater land management.
  • Agricultural equipment repair and services.
  • Academic support services include bus service for field-trip transportation. See Guidelines
  • Cooperation with large-scale research projects.
  • Equipment fabrication/modification
  • Specialized facility construction/modification.

In one form or another, Farm Operations provides support services to all departments of the College, as well as many other areas of the University.

For more information on Farm services, please contact Brian Macafee