Steps describing how to setup OAS QB Template files.

The OAS QuickBooks templates were created to help get you started with QuickBooks. There are three template files (listed below). These files are actually backup files and will need to be restored before completing the steps below. To restore these templates follow the instruction on the How To: Restore Your QuickBooks Data Files.


Once you have restored the templates that you will be using, there are several steps that must be completed to customize the file for your County's use. These steps are outlined below.

  1. Set the Company Information, this includes county address and tax information.
  2. Set the Name of your bank account.
  3. Set the Extra Footer Line for reports.
  4. Review the How To: Backup Your QuickBooks Data Files and set your backup options.

Setting Your Company Information

  1. From the Company menu, choose Company Information....
  2. Complete Contact Information, Legal Information and other areas if needed. Report Information has been pre-set by OAS.
  3. When finished, click OK to save.
Company Preferences

Setting the Name of Your Bank Account

  1. From the Lists menu, choose Chart of Accounts.
  2. Select Your Bank Name and right-click on the selection.
  3. From the pop-up menu, choose Edit Account.
  4. Set the Name field to the name of your actual bank account.
  5. Enter your Bank Acct. No.
  6. Click OK.
Edit Account

Setting the Extra Footer Line for Reports

  1. From the Edit menu, choose Preferences.
  2. From the list of icons on the left, choose Reports & Graphs.
  3. Select the Company Preferences tab.
  4. QuickBooks automatically generates the statement of cash flows report using the types of accounts that typically appear in each section of the report. After consulting with your accountant, you may decide to customize the report. If so, click this button, then make changes in the Classify Cash window. Click Help in that window for further assistance.

    Click the Format... button.

  5. Enter county name in the Extra Footer Line field.

    Report Form Preferences
  6. Click OK.
  7. Click OK on the Preferences window.