Finance and Business Operations

The Finance and Business Operations unit performs a variety of financial services for the College of Agricultural Sciences.

Our Services

  • perform a wide variety of accounting, budget, audit and cash control functions associated with College funding
  • handle position management and financial reporting responsibilities
  • assist the College Financial Officer with administering all aspects of University fiscal policy and procedures
  • provide leadership and training in the implementation of new financial systems
  • assume responsibility for other administrative tasks in support of College Operations

Contact Information

Main Office: 814-863-0307

Name Title Office Phone Email
Susan Blesh Director 205 Ag Admin 814-865-6640
Lesley Maalouf Financial Officer 209 Ag Admin 814-865-6645
Kadie Bower Grants/Cost Share Coordinator 211 Ag Admin 814-865-6636
Alyssa Conrad Financial Coordinator 212 Ag Admin 814-865-6638
Kama Corman Financial Coordinator 206 Ag Admin 814-865-0613
Mary Beth Day Financial Coordinator 208 Ag Admin 814-865-6647
Whitney Fisher Assistant Financial Officer 208 Ag Admin 814-865-6647
Hailey Guerriero Assistant Director 205 Ag Admin 814-865-6648
Melissa McCloskey Assistant Financial Officer 207 Ag Admin 814-865-6637
Albert Nakpil Database Specialist 219 Ag Admin 814-865-6635
Stacy Port Financial Coordinator 205 Ag Admin 814-865-7055
Lisa Sharkey Part-time Accountant
Craig Story Database Specialist 220 Ag Admin 814-863-2848