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Hands On Training 11-4-2021
Hands On Training 10-21-21
Hands On Training 9-23-2021
Ag Update Zoom Recording 8-26-2021
Ag Update Zoom Recording 6-24-2021

This session is primarily focused on year-end deadlines. @3:00 Parked Documents @5:40 Demo: How to Check for Parked Documents @10:30 Year-end Deadlines document in Sharepoint @18:56 Unused Airfare tickets @26:50 Guidelines and approval for staff travel @30:10 Question and Answer period @41:10 Carryforward of general funds

Ag Update Zoom Recording 5-27-2021 MAIN SESSION

@3:55 Welcome / Year-end deadlines and processing; @14:30 Double-checking that invoices are paid; @23:27 Demo by Erika Stover - Checking to see if a payment was made; @30:17 Journal Entries for corrections and transfers @37:00 Upcoming survey of Ag SIMBA users @40:38 Demo by Craig Story on Faculty Reports (using Power BI)

Ag Update Zoom Recording 5-27-2021 BUDGETING INCOME

RECORDING 2 from 5-27-2021 where Lesley discusses how to budget income using the Budget Update Excel template.

Ag Update Zoom Recording 4-22-2021

Pre-approval required for Travel; Reminders about Purchase Orders and Goods Confirmation Sharepoint site Cost Objects Dashboard Cleanup Project Training modules planned Unused airfare tickets

Excel Pivot Table Basics 4-15-2021

Whitney Fisher demonstrates how to create a shareable and easy to read summary of your SIMBA data using an Excel pivot table.

Ag Update Zoom Recording 3-25-2021

Approval of documents: verify justification/business purpose and correct GL; Internal Order request process; SIMBA Report demo of FM Budget vs Actual Details Report and FM Budget vs Actual Summary Report; Filemaker Server upgrade; ePAF (Personnel Assignment Form) preparation; Power BI reports

Ag Update Zoom Recording 2-25-2020

Form Approval demo/guidelines; Cost transfers and appropriate justifications; OPP work orders and job bills; Capital Equipment General Ledger (G/L) codes; Shop OnLion G/L codes, MPC Billing; COVID IO's; Airfare refunds through Anthony Travel; Data and reporting tools; Reminder about Help Tickets; Miscellaneous updates.

Ag Update Zoom Recording 1-28-2021

Internal Order (IO) Request process; Demo of BOBJ Expense report by person responsible; GL code listing update; How to resubmit forms that were returned; PO's with shipping cost; Updates and reminders.

Excel Training with SIMBA Data

Whitney Fisher demonstrates how to use Excel to help you summarized SIMBA data and create some great reports. This Zoom session was recorded on 12/10/2020.

Ag Update Zoom Recording 10-29-2020

@00:20 Project updates (PAF, RTF, Internal Order setup system); @06:17 Questions about the last Helpful Hints (Cash Journal discontinued, Depositing donations/gifts/field trial checks, Confirming invoices against PO); @15:38 Direct bill charges; @18:24 Forms requiring signature; @19:54 Internal order requests; @23:50 Getting setup as a vendor at other universities,W-9; @29:17 Budget update (base budgets for departments, carryforward); @34:40 Getting backup document details/forms from SAP/Concur; @38:45 Future SIMBA meeting structure; @53:44 Labor distribution approvals.

Ag Update Zoom Recording 10-1-2020

@01:15 Demo of how to look up vendor payments; @08:27 Demo of how to search for forms and look up workflow; @35:00 Demo of FM Budget vs Actual Report (in Business Object Launchpad) by Angela; @43:00 Update on Internal Orders; @53:00 Update on Grants Management.

Ag Update Zoom Recording 9-24-2020

@00:01:08 PO vs non-PO invoice vs Pcard (Payment Decision Matrix in GURU); @00:08:00 Labor Distribution and redistribution approvals, Effort Certifications; @00:22:45 Labor Distribution on wages / payroll transfer demo; @00:45:00 Demo of Grants report; @01:11:00 Demo of changing Document Type in Non-PO Subaward invoices.

Ag Update Zoom Recording 9-10-2020

@01:00 Direct billing invoices, Pinnacle (phone bills), @18:00 General Ledger (GL) Account codes, Demo for looking up GL Account codes in GURU @25:10 Grants Management updates @32:50 Upcoming SIMBA Training sessions @34:00 Moving wages through Labor Distribution (LD) @51:08 Looking up GL Account codes @53:00 Endowment Internal Orders (IO) @56:35 Shop OnLion Team carts.

Ag Update Zoom Recording 9-3-2020

@00:01:00 Interdepartmental billing: Internal Service Request (ISR) vs Journal Entry (JE) vs Purchasing card (P-card); @00:05:10 Demo of (Free Text) Shopping Cart focusing on important information to provide; @00:26:00 Demo of displaying the PO number of a Shopping Cart; @00:29:35 Demo of Journal Entry (JE) for interdepartmental payments, @00:41:47 Demo of Workflow lookup; @00:48:10 Missing workflow in SAP Concur; @00:50:35 Labor Distribution workflow @00:53:53 Grants Management update: Using the correct IO on grants.

Ag Update Zoom Recording 8-27-2020

@00:00:03 Master Data (Internal Orders) updates @00:03:01 Demo of FM Budget vs Actual by Fund Center and GL Transaction Report @00:44:07 Demo of making a Journal Entry for deposits @01:09:40 Labor distribution approval deadline @01:11:11 Budgeting down to Internal Orders @01:12:50 Grants Management updates.

Ag Update Zoom Recording 8-20-2020

@00:01:00 Purpose of ISR @00:03:45 Updating Vendor Addresses @00:05:40 Demo of Cash Journal Entry @00:49:19 Help Request Form @00:54:31 Journal Entries across Business Areas @00:55:22 Add or Changing Internal Orders @00:58:40 Endowments @01:01:32 Labor Distribution issues @01:10:18 Demo of Labor Distribution transfers @01:22:36 Salary Redistribution spreadsheet form.

GL Transactions Report - Credit Card Income - Zoom Demo 8-17-2020

Zoom recording to document and review a process for reconciling credit card income. This demo covers (1) Filtering on FY, Posting Period, Document Type (Y6) using the Filters at the Top; (2) Column Filtering by including and excluding of Document Header Text, GL Account; (3) Grouping of data by column for a summary view (4) Removing Columns from your report (5) Saving a report for re-use including adding it to your Home Screen as its own tile.

Ag Update Zoom Recording 8-13-2020

@00:01:25 Demo of Cost Objects Dashboard @00:36:00 Shop OnLion: entering GL codes, updating vendor addresses, processing new vendors, direct bills @00:49:00 Labor Distributions processing @00:54:10 Help Request form @01:00:30 Pre-authorized access to Shop OnLion @01:06:45 View status of vendor payment / finding check number @01:11:06 Changing GL codes in Shop OnLion.

Ag Update Zoom Recording 7-9-2020
Ag Update Zoom Recording 7-9-2020 PART 2
Ag Update Zoom Recording 12-3-2020
SIMBA Reporting Session 1-15-2021