Services and Fees


  • $2000 Base Fee
  • $25 per registrant fee
  • 6% credit card processing fee
  • $250 user login: Due to compliance costs, a user login is required to obtain unrestricted access to the Cvent registration site and all the reporting and event details.

Included Services

  • Online Registration: Develop a customized registration site and event website in Cvent that includes all event information provided by the group or organization holding the event. the registration site will process online registrations and credit card payments.
  • Cvent Training: Training on how to access registration and event information and use Cvent to manage events successfully.
  • Reporting: Provide standardized reports in Cvent that can be sent and pulled to collect registration and payment information to help clients manage their events.
  • Income Processing: At this level, we will process all payments. We will reconcile income collected, deduct any administrative fees that are due, and return the balance of income to the program coordinator to a selected university budget or by check if external to the university. We will not invoice for unpaid income. Any outstanding unpaid registration at the close of the event will be the responsibility of the group or organization holding the event.

Choice of Additional Services

You can identify the area of support you need by choosing two items (must choose before services begin) from the list below:

  • Limited Pre-Conference Planning- Negotiate and manage contracts. Provide logistical and planning support for limited aspects of the program including:
    • Housing/Lodging Management
    • Facility Management
    • Food Service Management
    • Audio Visual Management

    Please note: At this level of service, there is no on-site logistical support provided for the program. Information on all logistical arrangements will be provided to the program point of contact 1 week prior to delivery. Program point of contact will be responsible for managing event logistics on site at this level.

  • Registration Materials: Produce standard registration materials to client specification including nametags, agenda, conference information sheet, registration list, evaluation, and attendee gifts. Other information can be included if copies of the materials are provided.

    Please note: Speaker and registrant gift management are not included in this level of service since speaker management is not included.

  • On-site Registration Check-in Support: Provide 3 hours of registration check-in and distribution of registration materials for attendees and speakers or exhibitors.

    Please note: OCSC will close registration after 3 hours and will not manage any of the logistical arrangements at this level of service. Any late check-in or walk-in registration will be managed by the program point of contact.

  • Limited Budget Management: Manage travel reimbursement for up to 3 speakers (the group or organization is responsible for making sure that the speakers are registered as vendors in Simba), manage purchase orders, billing, and payment for contracted services.

    Please note: Budget development is not included at this level of service. OCSC will not be responsible for determining registration fees or including expenses for any arrangements that are not managed by our office.

    Any residual program income will be returned to the client at the close of the program budget. A negative conference balance will be billed against the client's department budget.

Please Note: Speaker Management is not included at this level of service. Therefore, none of the following services will be provided:

  • invite and confirm prospective speakers;
  • notify speakers of expenses covered;
  • make travel arrangements;
  • collect AV needs, biographies, and presentations;
  • process honorariums and speaker expenses (unless selected in options above)

Optional Services and Fees

  • Production of Course Materials: If desired, OCSC can manage the production of course materials to include any of the following:
    • Padfolio
    • Binder
    • USB
    • File share

    Fee: $10 per item of course material produced and managed by OCSC will be charged to the program budget, plus any cost for the production and printing of the materials.

    Please Note: All presentations must be provided to the conference coordinator by the group or organization holding the event by a predetermined and agreed upon date, and presentations must be in print-ready format. Once presentations are received, OCSC will work with a service provider to coordinate the design and management of the production of course materials. The conference coordinator will ensure that the production of the course material meets the specifications given to the vendor for production of course materials. The material will then be proofed by the group or organization to make sure the presentations are in the correct format and have been printed accurately. All proofing of the content or format of the presentations is the responsibility of the group or organization holding the event, and any changes to presentations must be managed by the group or organization through communication with the speakers regarding necessary changes.

    Please note: OCSC will not be responsible for collecting presentations from speakers or have any contact with speakers regarding the format or content of presentations at this service level.

  • Certificates: Coordination, printing, and assembly of certificates. Includes certificate paper, certificate holder, 8 1/2" x 11" envelope, and label.

    Fee: $3 per certificate.

  • If travel is required to support the program, staff travel will be billed as a direct cost of the program delivery and is not covered by the administrative fees.

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