Richard Roush

A view of the college, agriculture, and emerging issues from Dean Rick Roush.

Biography of Dean Richard Roush

Rick Roush’s career in sustainable agriculture spans research, teaching, regulatory, and administrative appointments in both the USA and Australia. Trained as an entomologist in the University of California, Rick earned his BS at UC Davis (1976) and PhD at UC Berkeley (1979).

Prior to joining the College of Agricultural Sciences at Penn State in October 2014, Rick served as Dean of the Melbourne School of Land and Environment at the University of Melbourne (2006-2014), Director of the University of California (UC) Integrated Pest Management and Sustainable Agriculture Programs (2003-2006), and Director of the Cooperative Research Centre on Australian Weed Management based at the University of Adelaide (1998-2003), after serving as an Associate Professor at Mississippi State and Cornell Universities.

Rick’s research has focused on strategies to slow insect pests and weeds from evolving resistance to genetically modified insect resistant crops and pesticides, but also on the biological control of pests. He has worked extensively on crops as diverse as potatoes, wheat, corn, cotton, lucerne, grapes and almonds, and in natural ecosystems, across the USA and Australia, and in India and China. He worked extensively in California’s irrigated agriculture during the 1970s and then again in 2003-06, on crops as diverse as cotton, lucerne, grapes and almonds, and in natural ecosystems.

In addition to serving on review panels for the USDA and US EPA, Rick served as a member of the Australian Genetic Manipulation Advisory Committee (GMAC) from 1998-2003.