Become a Member

Application for membership to the Penn State Agricultural Council.

Member Benefits

  • Learn more about College of Agricultural Sciences programs, activities, and  opportunities.
  • Network with college leadership, faculty, and other industry leaders.
  • Provide quality feedback on college programs and research.
  • Relay suggestions for innovative ways in which the college can carry out its mission.
  • Formal participation in college strategic planning process.
  • Convey industry needs and concerns.
  • Advocate and build external support for college programs, research and funding.
  • Interact with college students through internships, co-ops, College Career Days, recruitment services, mentoring programs, etc.

Member Dues

  • Dues are $60 annually, payable on January 1 of each year.
  • New members must complete the membership application and submit with your dues check for $60, payable to "Penn State Agricultural Council."
    • Applications are reviewed by the Council's Executive Committee. If approved, delegates are then added to the mailing list and invited to attend the next meeting.