All aspects of facility clean up remain the responsibility of the user group. When groups arrive, the arena and holding areas should be ready for use, with new trash can liners (located in the Conference room closet) and reasonably clean floors. If this is not the case, please contact the manager immediately.

All groups are responsible for cleaning the main building. To ensure that all tasks have been completed, the clean-up list provided should be checked and returned to the arena manager.

Livestock Clean-up

Livestock events generate a great deal of interest and considerable mess. Livestock groups are responsible for all clean-up tasks in the main arena and holding buildings, including manure and bedding disposal during the event. All livestock equipment must be returned to the storage area in an orderly manner. Contact the manager for assistance.

Organizations that wish to have cleaning done by University staff must make prior arrangements with the arena manager. Farm Operations and Service personnel will provide clean up and sanitation service on a time and material basis. The user will be responsible for all charges related to clean-up.

Exceptions will be made to this procedure provided a viable alternative is presented to the manager well in advance of the event.