A Commitment to Scientific Discovery and Solutions

Scientists in the College of Agricultural Sciences are seeking solutions to the agricultural and ecological problems of our time by conducting basic and applied research focusing on cross-cutting thematic areas.

Advanced Agricultural and Food Systems
Transforming thinking and practice in agricultural and food systems through research focused on productivity, sustainability, and adaptability.
Biologically-Based Materials and Products
Discovering novel approaches using genetic systems and biological materials to create value-added commercial and consumer products in a sustainable, profitable manner.
Community Resilience and Capacity
Helping communities improve their economic resilience, create sustainable infrastructures, and promote their local economy through value-added opportunities and new business development.
Environmental Resilience
Providing innovative research to enhance and protect managed and natural ecosystems, ecosystem services and human well-being.
Global Engagement
Advancing global solutions to challenges in agriculture, health and sustainability that impact the future of an interconnected world.
Integrated Health Solutions
Improving the health of humans, animals, and communities through research into preventative, corrective, diagnostic, and predictive solutions to the challenges presented by lifestyle, diseases, pests, and toxins.

Research News

New research agenda for malaria elimination and eradication
January 9, 2018
Two Penn State researchers have participated in the formulation of a new updated research agenda for global malaria elimination and eradication.
Power Up!
January 9, 2018
Too much of a good thing. That’s the situation many scientists face in this age of Big Data.
Penn State Summit on the opioid epidemic to be held Jan. 12
January 3, 2018
The opioid epidemic continues to hit Pennsylvania hard. Overdose deaths in the state grew by 37 percent last year, and larger segments of the population are at increasing risk for misuse of opioids and other addictive substances.

Upcoming Events

Dietary Modification of Egg Yolk Lipids to Enhance Human Health
When: January 18, 2018
Where: 324 ASI Bldg.
The Role of Pollinator Learning in Driving Flower Evolution
When: January 19, 2018
Where: 107 Forest Resources Bldg.
Plant Epigenetic Memory and Its Associated Networks
When: January 22, 2018
Where: 108 Wartik Lab