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Penn State researchers Greg Roth and Alyssa Collins examine European malting barley varieties at Penn State's Southeast Agricultural Research and Extension Center in Lancaster County.
Malting barley research at Penn State aims to support craft beer industry
June 22, 2017
The popularity of the craft beer industry has caught the attention of researchers in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences, including Greg Roth, who's spearheading research in malting barley -- a key ingredient in craft beer production -- with a goal of helping Pennsylvania farmers benefit.
Red-backed salamanders are particularly sensitive to thermal changes, so researchers are using them as a model species to understand how warming conditions will affect organisms in the future. Scientists are becoming increasingly confident about how the climate will change, but they don't know how wildlife will respond.
Researchers studying impact of warming conditions on woodland salamanders
June 19, 2017
Researchers in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences are spearheading a four-year-old collaborative effort to assess the impact of a warming climate on the Eastern red-backed salamander, a creature that lives on or under the forest floor.
The cumulus-oocyte complex, consisting of the oocyte — the cell from which an ovum develops — and surrounding cumulus granulosa cells, is the target of researchers for development of novel contraception technologies.
Penn State researchers receive grant to develop new contraception technology
June 15, 2017
Francisco Diaz, associate professor of reproductive biology in the College of Agricultural Sciences, and Pak Kin Wong, professor of biomedical engineering in the College of Engineering, have received a grant through the Grand Challenges Explorations program — an initiative funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation — to develop a novel approach to contraception.
A USDA grant will enable scientists to assess how pest-management tactics of varying intensities affect the health and functionality of soils in corn-soybean crop rotations.
Scientists to study how soil health is influenced by pest-management tactics
June 14, 2017
An entomologist in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences has received a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to study and compare how various pest-management regimes affect the health of soils. John Tooker, associate professor of entomology, will lead the project, which is titled "Exploring Soil Health and Pest Management Trade Offs to Maximize Crop Productivity."
Penn State Extension educators have developed food-safety training programs to accommodate the cultural norms of plain sect farmers.
Penn State Extension educators develop plan to educate plain sect on food safety
June 13, 2017
Penn State Extension educators have developed food-safety training programs to accommodate the cultural norms of plain sect — Amish and Mennonite — farmers.