The purpose of this award is to recognize the outstanding male senior and outstanding female senior in the College of Agricultural Sciences who are inspired to pursue a future in the agricultural sciences, have demonstrated contributions to the College of Agricultural Sciences at Penn State, have advocated for agriculture, both in the present and plan to in the future.

Application Open February 21 to April 6, 2018 here:
2018 Ag Man/Woman Of the Year Application

Past Award Recipients

Year Ag Man of the Year Ag Woman of the Year
2005 Tupper Sverduk Briana Sheler
2006 Paul Hostetter Regina Lehman
2007 Andrew Herr Raechel Kilgore
2008 Kyle Grim Brynn Kepler
2009 Michael Woods Hilary Peterson
2010 Chad Hoover Hannah Atkins
2011 Alexander Youst Sarah Caldwell
2012 Orry Pratt Melissa Boess
2013 Heidi Musshafen Ryan Cochran
2014 Joshua Funk Alyssa Sheppard
2015 Stephen Smith Amy Kraus
2016 Joshua Cassar Michelle Hartzell
2017 Simon Itle Amber Gabel