YGA Eric Spyker
YGA Live Earth Farm
YGA Michael Neuharth
YGA Gizdich Ranch
YGA Leith and Floyd Zaiger discuss hand pollination for making crosses.
YGA Mike Basedow
tissue culture propagation

Dr. Tim Artlip explains tissue culture propagation to the group in the tissue culture lab.

new techniques in apple breeding

The group learns about new techniques in apple breeding from Dr. Jay Norelli, surrounded by some of this wild Malus species in the greenhouse.

tree architecture block

In Dr. Chris Dardick’s tree architecture block, stone fruit exhibit a variety of growth habits, including a peach tree that was growing only two ft high.

rotatable cross-arm blackberry trellis system.

A young grower looks over Dr. Fumi Takeda’s rotatable cross-arm blackberry trellis system. This system protects the berries from the cold during the winter, and allows for the fruit to grow on one side of the trellis.

new type of trap

Brent Short explains a new type of trap being used to monitor for the brown marmorated stink bug. With these traps, growers can better determine when stink bugs are present in their orchard, allowing growers to potentially reduce the number of times they treat a block.

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thriving industry south africa
Discussing mechanization at a commercial orchard
Comparing high density pear training systems
rows of young nursery trees
group dinner
Ben Lerew YGA Chairperson
Andrew Schwalm Vice Chair
Katie Epstein Treasurer
Young Apple Leaders of 2012
New Grower - Sidney Kuhn
"From the Ground Up"
Gary Mount and Tannwen
Orr Family
Pete's Produce
Tom Tworkoski
Daniel E. Weber

Tree Fruit Extension Educator, Adams County

Don Seifrit
Adam Baugher

YGA Co-chairperson

Sarah Lott Zost

YGA Co-Chairperson

Tara Baugher
Multiple Leader Apple Tree
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Upright Fruiting Offshoot Cherry Tree
Upright Fruiting Offshoot Cherry Tree
Vacuum assist bin filler
Harvest assist platform
Mobile work platform with shade canopy
Visiting Bennett Orchards

YGA members in the field visiting Bennett Orchards.

Adams County Nursery Saplings
YGA Nettie Baugher Hurry

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