The way in which we connect our devices to the Penn State and County wireless networks did not change during the remote work period. However, we may still need a refresher on how to connect both our Penn State-owned and personal devices to Wi-Fi.

University Park

If you have been away from University Park for quite some time, you may need to reconfigure your device (personal or Penn State-owned) to connect to Penn State wifi. Please check out Penn State IT's How do I connect to the Penn State wireless? knowledge base article for additional information. As always, you can also reach out to Ag IT for assistance.

Extension Offices

The way in which Extension educators, staff and the public connect to the wireless network in the Extension Offices did not change while we were in the remote work period. If you are unsure how to connect your devices (personal and Penn State-owned), please check out our Connect to County Wireless How To for more information.

But remember, to use the printers and access the county share, be sure you are using the psu-ext-staff connection.

Updated: 7/12/2021