When you record a Zoom meeting or webinar, you have the option to store the recording on your local computer or in the cloud. Once the meeting is over, the recording is processed. This How To explains what to do next to access your recording in Kaltura since there are more options.

If you select to record to the cloud, you will receive an email notification when the recording is ready to be viewed or shared. The email you receive will contain a link to a copy of your recording that is stored in Zoom. In addition to that location, your recording is also stored in Kaltura. While you can access the recording from either location, we recommend using Kaltura since you have a host of options available through that tool (captioning, editing, restricting access, making it downloadable, adding collaborators, etc.).

To access and manage your recordings in Kaltura, follow these steps:

  1. Go to http://cmm.psu.edu.
  2. Click Kaltura Login at the top right.
  3. If needed, choose Standard Access Account.
  4. If needed, logon with your PSU credentials and 2FA.
  5. Once logged in, you are now in the PSU Media Space.
  6. Click My Media in the top navigation.

To learn more about the options available to you for managing your recording in Kaltura (MediaSpace) please visit: https://itld.psu.edu/learning-path/kaltura-learning-path-non-instructional-staff.