Steps describing how to restore the PSU Logo to your expenditure vouchers

The PSU logo, located at the top of the PSCE Expenditure Voucher, is not backed up during the back up process and subsequently is not restored during the restoration process. If missing, this image file can be downloaded from our website. It can then be manually copied in to any or all of your company image file directories. This image directory should be located in the same folder as you company file. If it is not there, it needs to be created. The steps to do this are outlined below using a company file named PSCE Program Account.

  1. Locate or create the folder called PSCE Program Account - Images. This folder should be located inside the folder where your restored the company file, PSCE Program Account. The best way to create this folder is to select print preview after you create your first expenditure voucher. This will automatically create the folder with the proper name. Once you confirm that the folder is there, exit print preview.
  2. Locate the file QBHead.gif on your computer or download it from our website by Right Clicking and choosing Save target as....
  3. Save the image file QBHead.gif into thePSCE Program Account - Images folder.
  4. Repeat this process for your remain companies if necessary.