Posted: December 8, 2017

As the College of Agricultural Sciences Alumni Society celebrates 50 years, the current board of directors would like to thank the Presidents of the society for their leadership. From 1967 to 2017, the society has been led by 30 dedicated and committed alumni volunteers.

Ag Society Presidents!

50 Years Presidents

Danadee Miller-Boyle
Danadee Miller-Boyle '84 Ag Science
30th President (2017-Present)

Eric Cowden
Eric Cowden '03 Ag Science
29th President (2015-2017)

Roxanne Molnar '99 Food Science
28th President (2013-2015)

Scott McAllister
Scott McAllister '68 Ag Business Management
27th President (2011-2013)

Carrie Bomgardner
Carrie Bomgardner '97 Dairy & Animal Science, '01g Bus
26th President (2009-20011)

Nelson Loftus
Nelson Loftus '58, '62g Forestry, '66 Ph.D. Agronomy
25th President (2007-2009)

George Kemp
George Kemp'53 Forestry *
24th President (2005-2007)

Leslie Firth
Leslie Firth '58 Animal Industry, '61g Ag Economics
23rd President (2003-2005)

Dean Girton
Dean Girton '60 Dairy Science
22nd President (2001-2003)

Larry Campbell
Larry Campbell '63 Ag & Biological Science, 67g Dairy Science
21st President (1999-2001)

Robert Clark
Robert Clark '93 Ph.D. Ag Education
20th President (1997-1999)

Richard Hann
Richard Hann '58 Dairy Science
19th President (1995-1997)

Karl Girton '64 Dairy Science
18th President (1993-1995)

MeeCee Baker '82, '94 Ph.D. Ag Education
17th President (1991-1993)

Sheila Miller
Sheila Miller '74 Agriculture
16th President (1991)

N. Alan Bair
N. Alan Bair '67 Dairy Science
15th President (1989-1991)

David Morrow
David Morrow '56 Dairy Science *
14th President (1987-1988)

Patty McMurray
Patty McMurry'71 Agriculture
13th President (1985-1987)

Ward Stover
Ward Stover '51 Ag Education, '81g Extension
12th President (1983-1985)

Michael Balas
Michael Balas '62 Ag Education
11th President (1981-1983)

Francis Alexander
Francis Alexander '38 Dairy Science *
10th President (1980-1981)

Henry Nixon
Henry Nixon '35 Horticulture *
9th President (1979-1980)

Albert Vigilante
Albert Vigilante '49 Ag Education *
8th President (1977-1979)

William Moore
William Moore '57 Dairy Science
7th President (1976-1977)

Lois Stringer
Lois Stringer '56 Horticulture
6th President (1975-1976)

Ralph Horst
Ralph Horst '49 Ag Education *
5th President (1974-1975)

Paul Harner
Paul Harner '39 Horticulture *
4th President (1973-1974)

Penrose Hallowell
Penrose Hallowell '50 Ag Economics
3rd President (1971-1973)

John Shook '42 Animal Industry *
2nd President (1970-1971)

C. Lee Rumberger
C. Lee Rumberger '20 Animal Industry *
1st President (1968-1970)


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