You don't have to be at University Park to get started in Ag Sciences. Many students who begin their studies at Penn State are part of the 2+2 Plan, studying at a Commonwealth campus for two years and then completing their remaining two years at University Park.

Penn State's 2+2 Plan

Students can begin their Penn State education at any one of 20 undergraduate campuses across Pennsylvania! Each campus offers a unique environment for learning, taking advantage of both the small-college atmosphere and the vast resources of Penn State in one package.

The 2+2 Plan Advantages

  • For some students, the transition from high school to college is made smoother by attending a small campus.
  • Getting to know the differences between a high school and college classroom environment, instructor expectations, and even the way technology is used in learning can be less daunting at a smaller campus.
  • For others, opportunities for involvement in campus life activities, getting to know new friends, and taking on leadership roles in student organizations are made easier by the smaller campus size.
  • Students also report establishing productive and lasting working relationships with faculty.

The key to success with the 2+2 Plan is to make the most of the opportunities presented to you. While attending a Penn State campus, get involved in student clubs and organizations, attend cultural events, participate in research, reach out to the local community, and, of course, immerse yourself in learning about the College of Agricultural Sciences and all it has to offer both in and out of the classroom.

Campus Locations

Penn State Campus Map

No matter which location you choose, you'll be able to take advantage of both Penn State's vast resources and the small-school feel of Ag Sciences. And with Penn State's 2+2 Plan, you can spend two years at a Commonwealth campus and finish your studies at University Park.

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