Posted: February 19, 2009

Implementing the college's strategic plan for 2008-2013

In December 2008 the College of Agricultural Sciences chartered implementation teams for each of the college's five strategic initiatives described in the college's 2008-2013 strategic plan. The teams are comprised of a small core of faculty, extension educators, and stakeholders and are serving as a focal point for collaborative action across the college and the university. The teams have been asked to provide on-going, strategic and operational advice on program priorities, means for seeking additional resources, and areas for future investment at the college and university level. To maximize participation, membership will be revisited on an annual basis.

Teams have been asked to complete a short term implementation plan for program priorities and resource allocation for the 09/10 academic year, due to the dean August 3, 2009. Teams should address contributions to both research and education, including resident, distance, and extension education. The implementation plan should be informed by unit plans due March 2, 2009 as well as recommendations of extension work groups, other college plans, and other stakeholder input.

Suggested template for implementation plans:

  1. Current programs and initiatives: an inventory of undergraduate, graduate, and extension programs and key research programs underway in the topic area.
  2. Student, stakeholder and market needs and expectations.
  3. Opportunities for collaboration within the college, across the university, across the discipline, and across the world.
  4. Opportunities for consolidation.
  5. Areas that are unique strengths not duplicated elsewhere.
  6. Emerging needs--areas for future investment.
  7. Action plans to move forward with key short term and longer term initiatives that will strengthen unique areas and address emerging needs.
  8. Indicators of success including a means to monitor the action plans and modify them as needed.

Team meeting dates and meeting notes are posted on the CAS Strategic Initiative Team site on Angel and periodic updates will be posted on the CAS strategic planning website.


Sponsor: J. Marcos Fernandez

  • Kelli Hoover, co-chair
  • Greg Roth, co-chair
  • John Karakash-external stakeholder
  • John Nikoloff-external stakeholder & PSAC
  • John Carlson
  • Claire Hinrichs
  • Karen Fisher-Vanden
  • Jude Liu
  • Bob Wallace
  • Greg Ziegler


Sponsor: Ann Dodd

  • Judd Michael-co-chair
  • Barry Zoumas, co-chair
  • Dan Eichenlaub-external stakeholder & PSAC
  • Rick Grazzini-external stakeholder
  • Earl Harbaugh- external stakeholder
  • Jeffrey Hyde
  • Kathy Kelley
  • Jon Laughner
  • Troy Ott

Water quality and quantity

Sponsor: Dennis Calvin

  • Mary Barbercheck, co-chair
  • Elizabeth Boyer, co-chair
  • Bill Achor-external stakeholder
  • Matt Ehrhart-external stakeholder & PSAC
  • Doug Beegle
  • Virginia Ishler
  • Dana Rizzo
  • Kristen Saake Blunk
  • Rob Shannon
  • Brian Swistock

Food, diet and health--food safety & health

Sponsor: Daney Jackson

  • Cathy Cutter, co-chair
  • Dave Wolfgang, co-chair
  • Ferlin Patrick-external stakeholder & PSAC
  • Bob Schmieder-external stakeholder (Weis Markets)
  • Marilyn Corbin
  • John Coupland
  • Rob Crassweller
  • Gretchen Kuldau
  • Claudia Probart (H&HD)
  • Chris Raines
  • Nancy Wiker

Pest prediction and response--invasive species

Sponsor: Bruce McPheron

  • Seogchan Kang, co-chair
  • Dave Mortensen, co-chair
  • Gregg Robertson-external stakeholder & PSAC
  • Joe Russo-external stakeholder
  • Ashley Walter-external stakeholder (Coordinator, PA Governor's Invasive Species Council)
  • Ottar Bjornstad
  • Margaret Brittingham
  • Art Gover
  • Scott Isard
  • Tracy Langkilde (Eberly)
  • John Tooker