Food, Diet and Health

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The Food, Diet and Health (FDH) Strategic Initiative Committee was charged to review current College of Agricultural Sciences (CoAS) and University wide programs and strategic plans. Following that review, the committee was asked to provide recommendations as to opportunities to advance the College’s role beyond the more traditional programs the College has had in food production, food science, and human nutrition.

Energy Initiatives

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We identified two top priorities for immediate implementation and one longer-term priority, all of which are consistent with the College’s strategic initiatives on energy.

Ag And Natural Resources Entrepreneurship

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The College of Agricultural Sciences identified five programmatic priorities which were detailed in its 2008-2013 Strategic Plan. Entrepreneurship was chosen as the initiative with the highest priority. Our committee was tasked with determining a “game plan for entrepreneurship” within the College.

Water Quality and Quantity

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Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences is dedicated to leadership and excellence in research, education and outreach in the area of water quality and quantity.

Invasive Pest Prediction and Response

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A lengthy and thoughtful CAS strategic planning process resulted in a five-year strategic plan spanning 2009 to 2013. This planning process identified five target areas for strengthening, one of which is invasive species prediction and response. These areas were identified because of their importance to sustainable food and fiber production and to the integrity and long-term sustainability of the underpinning ecosystems.

Ag Council Survey Report

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In spring 2009, a survey was sent to college stakeholders with expertise in the program priority areas to provide guidance on the implementation of the strategic plan, specifically input regarding how the college can build on innovation in these areas to best meet the needs of the agricultural industry. The survey was sent to individuals who have been or are involved with the Penn State Ag Council, the Ag Action Network, Capital Days, or College of Agricultural Sciences focus group sessions.

Food Science

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The Department of Food Science will be a leader in the integration of teaching, research and service, recognized nationally for its preeminent undergraduate program and internationally for innovative research in the context of graduate education.

2008 College Sustainability Report

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The Sustainability Group believes that significant and on-going adaptation is needed in the programmatic focus and organizational structure in the College of Agricultural Sciences to sustain and enhance excellence.

Stakeholder Input
Biobased Products and Renewable Energy

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Economic Sustainability

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Food Safety and Quality

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Protection of Plant, Animal and Human Health

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Sustainable Environments

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E-Learning Strategies

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Sustaining and Advancing College Excellence

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