Fruit Research and Extension Center

The Fruit Research and Extension Center (FREC) in Biglerville is situated on 180 acres of fertile land in south-central Pennsylvania, in the heart of the major tree fruit production area of the state.

In addition to providing site-specific conditions for research, the facility increases opportunities for growers, consultants, consumers, and students to observe experiments and to consult with scientists. Extension specialists apply experimental findings to local conditions, and, in turn, make suggestions to scientists about new research needs.

Tree Fruit News from Penn State Extension

Frost crevices on Ginger Gold. Photo: R. Crassweller
Carbohydrate Model Results for May 22, 2017
May 22, 2017
Today most sites were calling for thinner application at your standard rates.
Conditions are favorable for fire blight spread: be alert! Photo: K. Peter, Penn State
Disease Update May 19th, 2017
May 19, 2017
Beware of fire blight and bacterial spot conditions! Ideal conditions have been present for bacterial diseases to be problematic. Growers are encouraged to scout for fire blight.
Codling moth injured apple fruit. Photo: G. Krawczyk, Penn State
Weekly Insect Bytes for May 19th, 2017
May 19, 2017
During a normal season in orchards with a pest pressure, the seasonal management of the codling moth (CM) larvae should be initiated at around 250 DD50 (Degree Days base 50F) after the biofix (April 25 in the Penn State FREC orchards).