We will be working towards going on a spring trip this year, but your involvement will be the determining factor in your attendance on this trip.

The next meeting, 9/20, we will leave the ASI parking lot at 5:45 to get to the barns for a Pulse and Respiration training. This is all for the 4-H Competitive Trail ride on September 24th. Going to the training does not mean you HAVE to attend the Train Ride. Those with cars please help with rides down there!

Our 10/4 meeting will consist of a group picture in either PSERT or Penn State apparel and then making Cowgirl Cookies! The more people the better! It's a lot of fun and some awesome bonding time!

We are looking for speaker ideas! If you know someone in equine research or have a specific interest email Maura at myc5470@psu.edu. We currently have two people in mind: Sarah Shane a previous PSERT member and Bridgett Mcintoch an extension specialist at Virginia Tech.

Have in mind places where we can sell out cookies? Or maybe a whole new fundraising idea? Email Tiffany at taa5202@psu.edu and/or Yasmin at yxv5007@psu.edu.

We have SO MANY IDEAS for our research project this spring! We have in mind of doing a Standardized Exercise Test for barns that are interest in our area. We will be using heart monitors and our P&R skills to evaluate the condition of the horse during a lunging exercise. WE WILL NEED LOTS OF HELP! Come to the next meeting and help us further evaluate this project and get the ball rolling!

Congrats to our two new AG Student Council officers: Rhondra Downing and Jeremy Lake!