All attendees signed in to keep record of attendance. Proceeding this, all officers re-announced themselves to the group, making any necessary remarks on positions or upcoming events.
Danae Oliver - President
• Welcomed all attendees and introduced all of the officers
Amy Kraus - Vice President
• Nothing to report
Caitlin Edinger - Secretary
• Nothing to report
Patricia Ochonski - Treasurer
• Reported that dues can be collected now through first meeting of October
Taylor Shears - Webmaster
• Introduced the website and explained to members how to find PSERT-related information. The Facebook page will also have a link to the website and will serve as a back-up resource for reminders and events.
• Email Taylor for any concerns regarding the PSERT info at tms5636@psu.edu
Kristin Murray - Ag Student Council Representative
Hannah Allen - UPAC liaison
• Nothing to report
Sara Groome - Social Chair
• Introduced role to bring members together outside of PSERT general meetings. The first social event will be in early October - potluck at her house or on campus TBA
• Other possible social events include bowling, frozen yogurt, dinner, and a tie-dye party!
Jenny Lind - Historian
• Nothing to report
Janelle Musser - Alumni Relations
• Nothing to report
Katie Baluch - Social and Fundraising Chair
• Updating apparel this year; new designs TBA
Dr. Staniar - advisor
• Explained startup of PSERT with wanting to pass on the passion for research as well as promote opportunities for research experience
• Discussed past projects by graduate students as well as the current growth study
4-H Competitive trail ride
• Pulse and respiration will be taken on horses throughout the duration of the youth trail ride to ensure safety and well-being of horses
• Training will take place at 6:00 at the horse barns on Tuesday, September 16th in place of a general meeting
• A sign up for sheet for the trail ride itself was passed around but a Google Doc will also be opened up; members should not sign up unless they know for certain that they will be able to commit to the event
• Anyone can come to training, carried out by Andrea Kocher
• The event is Saturday, September 20th, starting at 8:00. Helpers must be there at 9:30 and should plan on being there until about 4:00. More details will be provided for interested parties.
Open House Event!
• The barn will be open to the public September 20th, from mid-morning till kick-off at 4:00 p.m.
• PSERT and CHAPS will showcase their involvement as an organization, Penn State's horses, the twins, data from past research, and much more!
• Family friendly demonstrations will promote community interest and involvement:
o The horse scale will be set up again this year to measure families so that they can see how many of them can compare to the weight of a horse!
o We will showcase our growth study with the life-size foal diagram so that the community can better understand how data was collected.
o Laminitis demonstration - A tug of war activity will display the power of surface area of the laminae in a horse hoof. This will be an interactive lesson in physiology.
• We may have an example of our cowgirl cookies to show to the public, but we cannot actually sell them there since the public cannot take them into the game.
• T-shirts representing the Open House will be sold for $10; members are encouraged to wear one at the event, but this is not a requirement.
• A Google Doc will be posted for the sign up.
Next meeting September 30th
• Students currently working on research projects will be giving reports to inform members of their experiences and opportunities
Update on the Growth Study
• Measurements were completed in July, due to the fact that we ran out of available members to continue the data collection. The data is all available and ready to be entered!
This will be the "Year of Publications!!!"
• We are looking to produce a manuscript that will summarize normal quarter horse growth trends from our Growth Study as well as growth trends that occur in the rare case of twins, in Sheila Zimmer's study.
• Human IgA saliva tests - potential group experiment
o Dr. Staniar may have us all eat plenty of yogurt
• We may establish to have more meetings with pizza and dessert to promote attendance. Sign ups TBA
• Officer meetings - now officially held directly following general meeting