PSERT General Meeting


Danae Oliver - President

  • Hanover Shoe Farm - this weekend!
    • Saturday, leaving at 8:00am, get back around 3:00.
    • Need to sign up NOW!
    • Osteochallenge
      • Sunday
      • Race starts at 10
      • Silent Auction for the Quarter Horse Sale
        • Looking for someone to coordinate the bucket of items
        • Stethoscope, scale, feed scoop, weight tape, etc.
        • End of the year picnic
          • A doodle will be sent out for place and time
          • Working on the Ag Day display
            • Next Wednesday!
            • The presentation needs to be set up so an email will be sent out to verify a time and place to work on it.

Amy Kraus - Vice President

  • Come on out to the Ag Ball!

Caitlin Edinger - Secretary

  • Nothing to report

Patricia Ochonski - Treasurer

  • Nothing to report

Taylor Shears - Webmaster

  • Email Taylor for any concerns regarding the PSERT info at

Kristen Murray/Ellen Blum - Ag Student Council Representative

  • Ag Ball - April 17th
  • Have 10 tickets to sell, forced to pay $150 if we don't sell them
  • Money due by Monday at 3:00
  • May want a PSERT table

Molly Rogus - UPAC liaison

  • Nothing to report

Sara Groome - Social Chair

  • Bowling event! May have meeting there.
  • Doodle poll was sent out!

Jenny Lind - Historian/Alumni Relations

  • Nothing to report

Katie Baluch - Community Service and Fundraising Chair

  • Apparel orders due tonight!

Project Update

  • The data is getting put together; some interesting results have been seen!
  • The poster will be at the sale!

Results of the Election: Congratulations Everyone!!

  • President:
    • Kristen Murray
  • Vice President
    • Jenny Lind
  • Secretary
    • Hannah Allen
  • Treasurer
    • Taylor Shears
  • Webmaster
    • Rachel Spicher
  • Ag Student Council- 2 openings
    • Madeleine Burr
    • Katherine Bauman
  • Alumni Relations/Historian
    • Maura Carr
  • Community Service/Fund Raising
    • Megan Powers
    • Yvette Gramignano
  • UPAC Liaison
    • Molly Rogus
  • Social Chair
    • Sara Cook

Officer Introductions

· Dues $8 for the semester, $15 for the year

· By next meeting, contact Taylor if you will not be at the meeting.

Upcoming Events:
  • 4-H Competitive Trail Ride - September 19
- In need of volunteers

- Pulse & Respiration Training 6:00 PM Tuesday, September 15

(Next General Meeting at Pulse & Respiration Training @ the Horse Barns)

  • Equine Open House - October 10

- Set up around 7:30 AM

- Open house around 10:00 AM-12:30 AM

- Will need people to help

- Will need committee to help CHAPS and people to help the day of

Jenny, Maura, Yvetteà Committee Leaders

- Sigh-up sheet to follow

- Selling cowgirl cookies at meeting

o Making at a meeting beforehand

Next Full Meeting-September 29

· Patricia and Sega to talk about spring study

Spring Study: Influence of different diets on gastrointestinal health in the horse

· 24 hour collections

· Will need volunteers EVERY DAY

Many people with other studies ongoing… Some projects that can be picked up...

o Feed and fecal particle size

o Lung tissue health

o Predicting parturition

o Equine impact surveys?

o And others!!

Things to do in future meetings:

· Trash can horses

· Cowgirl cookies

· Come up with more social ideas!