Danae Oliver - President

  • Went over the research project with leaders.
  • Mid-Atlantic Nutrition Conference, leaving early in the morning (4:00-4:30am) on Wednesday, March 25th. Clear it with your professors if you are going to go! Sign up in the doodle poll by this Saturday.
  • PSERT will fund a 15-passenger van at about $200
  • Touring Hanover Shoe Farm, Saturday, April 11th.

Amy Kraus - Vice President

  • Nothing to report

Caitlin Edinger - Secretary

  • Nothing to report

Patricia Ochonski - Treasurer

  • Collected dues for the semester and for the year

Taylor Shears - Webmaster

  • Email Taylor for any concerns regarding the PSERT info at tms5636@psu.edu

Kristin Murray/Ellen Blum - Ag Student Council Representative

  • Nothing to report

Hannah Allen - UPAC liaison

  • Will contact UPAC to receive funding for speakers

Sara Groome - Social Chair

  • Nothing to report

Jenny Lind - Historian

  • Will send out an email to see if anyone has an acceptable camera

Janelle Musser - Alumni Relations

  • Nothing to report

Katie Baluch - Social and Fundraising Chair

  • Cowgirl cookies TBA

Dr. Staniar - advisor

A little on our member's progress…

  • Danae's paper has been submitted - yay for progress!
  • Jenny's project in studying the effects of gender on foal stand-up rates is coming along as well! So far, it seems that the colts are taking a little longer.
  • Amy is working on her metabolomics honors thesis!
  • Patricia is working on the data regarding the twins, comparing growth curves of twins to the 2014 crop and average NRC curves. First growth curve of twins!
  • Laura Heiser is working on the growth data from last year. Hoof growth data has turned up some interesting results! Foal hoof growth is about 0.5mm/day, but the wear rate is about 0.3mm à about 0.15mm net growth each day.
  • Kristin Murray is still working on the gender trend study! So far, girls dominate the field and Kristin is tracking the changes over time.

Team Leaders for the Behavioral Study

  • The link to the study site is on ANGEL
  • https://sites.psu.edu/psertsp15
  • sign up for foal watch!!!
    • Check the website to see which ones you need to do.