Technology for Living Systems Center

A commitment to a healthy planet and healthy people

The Technology for Living Systems Center offers a holistic approach that leverages advanced and emerging technologies to address key challenges in improving productivity and sustainability of crop and livestock systems, managing and expanding our natural resources, ensuring access to clean water, combatting biodiversity losses, and helping rural and urban communities thrive.

What we do

  • Leverage technology, artificial intelligence, modeling, and data visualization (including artificial and immersive realities) to support human decision making
  • Study the challenges that face farms, forests, wetlands, waterways and cities 
  • Improve resiliency of our crops, forests, and community health
  • Promote biodiversity 
  • Co-develop projects with our stakeholders and focus in at scales that appropriate to our unique landscapes

Research Areas

Holstein calf

Livestock and wildlife monitoring

Insect monitoring

Insect population and community monitoring

Plant Village Tanzania

Plant disease monitoring

Tomato field data logger

Robotics for management and harvesting


Controlled environment agriculture

Habitat diagram

Habitat quality monitoring

Cycles-L, a landscape-level agroecosystem model

Modeling for crop management and conservation

Beescape pin drop

Decision support tool development

Latest News

June 25, 2024

High-speed internet linked to more farms offering agritourism

The availability and adoption of high-speed broadband appears to boost the number of farms offering agritourism activities, according to a new study led by Penn State researchers. Their findings, the researchers said, bolster the argument for expanding broadband availability in support of farm operators who want to benefit from the growing consumer interest in on-farm experiences.

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June 10, 2024

Researchers develop model to guide milk processors’ food safety decisions

Certain strains of bacteria can withstand heat treatments such as pasteurization of milk and possess the potential to induce foodborne illness. To help minimize and predict the magnitude of this risk, a team led by Penn State researchers developed a model that can guide processors to improve food safety.

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May 21, 2024

Technology in agriculture initiative kicks off with collaborative symposium

Attendees from within and beyond the University recently convened at Penn State for the Technologies for Agriculture and Living Systems Symposium, where they had the opportunity to learn about current research, share ideas for collaboration, and grow networks.

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April 12, 2024

'Fertilizer Recommendation Support Tool' to digitize crop nutrient management

A nationwide team of agricultural scientists, including researchers at Penn State, has launched a decision aid that provides an unbiased, science-based interpretation of soil test phosphorus and potassium values for crop fertilization, with an eye toward potentially saving farmers millions of dollars annually while reducing excess nutrient losses to the environment.

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