As we do more and more work in a team environment, we may need to view another person's calendar. You can only view someone else's calendar if you've been given permission by that person.

Open Another Calendar (after permission has been granted):

  1. Go to your Calendar. In the toolbar click Open Calendar button and choose Open Shared Calendar.
  2. Click the Name button. This will open up your address book window.
  3. Make sure you have the Global Address List selected.
  4. Start typing the first name of the staff person. You should see the list jump to that part of the alphabet.
  5. Find the correct person then press OK.
  6. You should see that person's name appear in the box. Press OK.
  7. The staff person's calendar will open in your Outlook calendar window.
  8. You can view this calendar the same as you would your own. If you want to see the whole month, click on the month icon in toolbar.
  9. You can view calendars side by side by placing a checkmark in the box to the left of a calendar.