Penn State has begun the transition from ANGEL to Canvas, a learning management system (LMS) that offers students and faculty new ways to manage, navigate, and access their courses online.

Below you will find course set-up information, suggestions for how to organize your class material in Canvas, links to in-depth instructions for all aspects of Canvas, ANGEL to Canvas course migration and many more.

Canvas Login

If you have never logged in to Canvas and have trouble accessing Canvas, please email to request access.

Subscribe to the Canvas listserv

Regular news and updates on Canvas at Penn State will be available via the L-CANVAS-AT-PENN-STATE listserv. Subscribe by emailing and type "Add Me" in the subject line and at least a few characters in the body of the email to help it pass through our spam filters. Please make sure that the email address you use to subscribe is the same address you would like updates to be sent to as the listserv automatically picks up your "From" address.

College of Agricultural Sciences Canvas Orientation

This orientation offers a primer-style self-guided set of introductory modules with links to supplementary Canvas resources for in-depth instruction. It includes Canvas-related resources and information to help you acclimate to Canvas. In addition, we'll show you how to create your own Sandbox within Canvas so you can explore more, and will show you how to import your existing course into Canvas.

Angel to Canvas

The following links include resources from both Penn State and Canvas, regarding migration from Angel LMS:

Canvas Interface (short videos)

One-On-One Transition Help

  • Virtual Office Hours

    30-minute consultations with an instructional designer. Morning, afternoon and evening appointments are available.

  • Technology Learning Assistants

    One-on-one virtual or in-person assistance provided by Penn State student consultants on assignments, quizzes, gradebook, and other Canvas course components.

  • Course Conversion Assistance Request

    TLT Canvas Instructional Support can assist with course conversion for very complex ANGEL courses.

Canvas Learning Center

For those who want to do it at their own pace, the Canvas Learning Center offers tutorials and information to help with the conversion work. In the Learning Center, you'll learn step-by-step what you need to do and how to do it.

Canvas Training