Use the Photo Release Form

This form, available in PDF format below, should be used when you are taking pictures of 4-H’ers, program participants, or students for use in publications, newsletters, advertisements, brochures, Web pages, or other media.

Photo Release Form PDF

  1. Attach "Appendix A" to the standard form.

"Appendix A" is simply a brief description of the photographs in question. If the release is for an upcoming event, or several events, your "Appendix A" might read something like this:

Photographs taken at 4-H Round-up in Grover County, June 2000.


Photographs taken at 4-H meetings and events during 2000.

  1. Have the person fill in the release form, sign it and date it.

If the person is under 18, have their parent or guardian sign the form in the appropriate space

  1. Keep the signed release on file with the original photographs.