An Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) account is available to all Penn State students as well as faculty and staff members, at no additional cost! Once a new license has been issued, users will follow this How To to gain access to Creative Cloud products.

  1. Go here and click on Sign Up.
  2. Click Penn State & login if needed.
  3. Click Browse all titles or use the Search box top.
  4. Locate Adobe Creative Cloud.
  5. Click the Order button.
  6. You should receive an email about your order.
  7. While you wait, you can install the Adobe Creative Cloud application on your computer. (reference the screen shot below)
    1. Locate the 'b' icon at the lower right of your desktop and open the BigFix Self-Service portal.
    2. Locate the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop icon and click Get.
    3. Allow the application to install.
    4. b adobe cc.jpg
  8. Once your account has been created and the application has installed, you will be able to log into your Creative Cloud desktop application. Click the Start button on your desktop (shown below) and click to open the Adobe Creative Cloud application.

    (Alternatively, for Mac OS: Choose Go > Applications > Adobe Creative Cloud > Adobe Creative Cloud.)
  9. The Adobe Creative Cloud application will update and then will launch.
  10. If needed, you will need to logon with your PSU email and then authenticate with your 2FA credentials. If needed, choose School or School Account.
  11. On the left, select Apps to allow the applications to load that are available to you.
    1. Please NOTE: Adobe applications tend to be large software packages. Please install only the products you will use, in order to avoid filling your hard drive disk space.
  12. Click Install or Update to install your selected app.  Allow the application to install.