If you have a computer that you remotely access and that is entering standby mode, follow the instructions below to remotely wake the computer.

If you "remotely connect" to a computer located at University Park and have opted to save energy by enabling standby, there is a convenient, two-step method you will need to follow to allow you to remotely "wake up" your computer before attempting a remote connection.

Step 1 (this step only needs to be completed ONCE)

  1. From your system tray (bottom right of your screen) click the "B-Icon" to open the BigFix Self Service Application (where power profile options are accessed)
  2. If it is not already visible, select the Catalog tab
  3. Select the 'Set "PSU Userids Allowed to Remotely Wake Up" to any Logged On User' offer (see image)

Step 2

(this step will need to be completed every time you want to remotely connect to your computer)

  1. Go to https://wakeup.psu.edu/
  2. You will be presented with a list of computers that you are authorized to remotely wake up, check the box next to the computer you wish to wake and click the "Wake-up Selected Computer" button.
  3. The page will refresh and state the time a wake-up message was sent to the select computer. NOTE: A sleeping computer normally takes 20-30 seconds to become available and a computer that is hibernating or powered off can take up to 2 minutes to become available.

Note: This process will not work on county-office computers due to network restrictions.

If you have any difficulties with these steps, please contact the Ag IT Help Desk.

More detailed instructions are available at https://pennstateoffice365.sharepoint.com/sites/systemsmanagementatpennstatesysman/Docs/power-management/utilities/web-wake-up-tool.aspx