Computers that are running BigFix have pre-defined power profiles that users can choose to enable. These power profiles have pre-defined settings that will control when a computer’s monitor and hard drive turn off and when the computer enters standby mode. Ag IT recommends that all users strongly consider implementing an energy-saving power profile.

PSU Moderate Power Savings is the default on any computer built. If that profile is more or less restrictive than desired, users can use the instructions below to make a more suitable selection.

Select or Change a Power Profile

  1. From your system tray (bottom right of your screen) click the "B-Icon" to open the Client dashboard.
  2. If it is not already visible, select the Catalog tab (see image).
  3. Click each offer to see the details of the power profile in the side pane.
  • The Ag Green Team recommends the "PSU Moderate Power Savings" offer for the most energy and cost savings.
  • Moderate Power Saver Mode is the setting that Ag IT is enabling on newly imaged computers.
  • Minimal and No Power Savings modes do not enable standby and should only be used temporarily or on special-purpose computers.
  1. Click the GET button next to the option that you wish to select. NOTE: If at any time you wish to select a different profile, you can easily switch between offers via the "B-Icon" or you can manually adjust in the Power Options control panel.