Open another mailbox via Outlook Web App

To view another mailbox in your OWA, you need to follow these steps.
  1. Logon to Outlook Web App (OWA) with your own credentials. Refer to this How To if needed.
  2. At the far top right, click on the person icon and choose Open another mailbox.

    Open OWA mailbox

  3. In the box, start typing the name of person or county you want to add.
  4. Choose Search Directory from the list.OWA Search Directory
  5. Select the name of the person or county you want to add.
  6. Click Open. Another browser window will open and display the inbox.
  7. Process mail as needed.
  8. When done, click on the person icon at the top right and choose Sign out. Close this browser window or tab. Please NOTE: This will only close the shared mailbox and will return you to your own mailbox.
  9. When you are done with your own OWA, please remember to Sign out as well.