This is the second part of a document outlining some common tasks for managing your email lists on the ITS list server (

Subscriber Management

Once you are logged in, your email address will appear on the upper left corner of the screen.


Note: The List Dashboard will automatically appear if you pause more than 5 seconds after logging in. The List Dashboard displays all the lists that you are allowed to manage.

(The List Dashboard can also be use to manage your list subscribers but it is a bit more advanced and can be confusing. For starters, you might want to follow these directions.)

Click on List Management in the pull down menu and select Subscriber Management.


Selecting A List

If you are responsible for managing multiple lists, you should select a list to work on. In the Subscriber Management screen, click the Select List drop-down field and select a list.


Adding A New Subscriber

Once you have selected a list, the Subscriber Management screen displays two areas:

  • "Examine or Delete Subscription" in the upper area.
  • "Add New Subscriber" in the lower area.

Enter an email address and name in the "Add New Subscriber" area. Press the Add button to add the new subscriber.


You should see a message in the gray area confirming that the new subscriber was added.


Editing Or Deleting A Subscriber

You can edit or delete a subscriber using the "Examine and Delete Subscription" area of the Subscription Management screen. Enter some part of their email address or name to start a search.


Some search tips:

  • "@" or "." displays all subscribers.
  • "" displays all Penn State-related email addresses.
  • "smith" displays subscribers named "Smith" as well as "Smithers" and "Messersmith".
  • An asterisk can be used to represent zero, one or more than one characters.

If your search results in more than one subscriber, a "Select Subscriber" screen will be displayed.

If your search results in one subscriber, a "View or Set Subscriber Options" screen will be displayed (see below).


To edit subscriber, select their name/email from the list and click Examine.

You can also delete a subscription by selecting their name/email from the list and clicking Delete.

The "View or Set Subscription Options" screen displays a detailed subscriber record where you can edit their subscription information. You can click on the question mark beside an input field to view help information.


Obtaining a Listing of All Members

To get a quick listing of all subscribers on a list, click on "In Browser" in the Subscriber Management screen.

Subscriber Management - Subscriber Listing

Helpful Listserv Email Commands

To review what lists a person is subscribed to:

1. Send an email to
2. Do not type anything in the subject line
3. Type the following command in the body of the email (put the user ID of the person after the word for)
4. Q * for
5. Example: Q* for xyz123
6. This will send you a list of what listservs a person is signed up for that you are an owner of.

To review a listserv:

1. Send an email to
2. Do not type anything in the subject line
3. Type the following command in the body of the email (put the name of the listserv after the word review)
4. Review
5. Example: Review L-Ag-IT-Fanclub
6. This will send you information on how the list is set up and who the subscribers are.

Additional Information

For additional information about managing lists, see the Word document "Create and Maintain a Penn State Listserv" by Carolyn Dudas at Penn State Erie.