**For Cooperative Extension Office use only*** Your office must use PSU’s eBuy system to pick a computer bundle that works best for you. This page provides directions for generating a Dell eQuote.

Special care should be taken when completing the eQuote. Please follow the guidelines provided below to insure that the fields are completed correctly when creating your eQuote. This will also ensure that your computer order is processed in a timely manner.

Important: When creating an eQuote you can only include one computer for one user per eQuote.

eQuote Details area on the form

eQuote Name must be the first name and last name of the person who will be using the computer followed by NEA or MG when appropriate. No spaces.

Examples: JackSmith, TiogaNEA, AdamsMG


Saved By must be ag-equotes@psu.edu. This will allow Ag IT to receive a copy of the quote.

You will need to expand the next section to continue.

Description must be the county name, along with your name and email address. This is to ensure that Ag IT can reach out to you to discuss the quote.

Notes must follow the following guidelines:

  • If a PSU Budget or grant will be used, enter details in this field.
  • If counties funds will be used, please leave this box blank.
You also need to include the following information:
  • Enter your complete Ship To address - it must be a county extension office address.
  • Enter a line in this box that states - I will not export this product.

Click Save eQuote. Within a short period of time, members of Ag IT will receive an email confirmation from Dell about your eQuote. They will review and be in contact with you with questions or for you to continue to process through Simba.