**For Cooperative Extension Office use only*** We have changed our process for ordering computers and your office must now use PSU’s eBuy system to pick a bundle that works best for you. This page provides directions for generating an Apple Template.

Special care should be taken when completing the Apple Template. Please follow the guidelines provided below to insure that your computer order is processed in a timely manner.

Important: When creating an Apple Template, you can only include one computer for one user per Template.

  1. Click Create Template.
  2. In the Template Name box - please enter your name and your county.
  3. In the Comments box - please enter the following information:
    1. Budget information
    2. First and Last name of the person who will be using this computer
    3. Full Shipping address
  4. At the bottom right, click Save Template.
  5. The screen will refresh. You will be provided a Template Number along with the Name and Comments.
  6. Please copy & paste this information into a new email message.
  7. Please send this information to agcompsupport@psu.edu where someone on the Ag IT staff will review.

Once your order has been placed, the Extension Business Office will email you a confirmation.