Create a Zoom Meeting

Getting your own Zoom meeting room is easy. Be sure to follow these steps and start by using the PSU Zoom site.
    1. Go to
    2. Click on Sign In.
    3. Log in using your PSU Access account and authenticate with 2FA.
    4. Click on the Meetings tab on the left.
    5. Choose Schedule a New Meeting in the blue box near the middle of the screen.
    6. When:
      1. If it is a single use meeting enter the time, duration, and time zone the meeting will occur.
      2. If the meeting is recurring or you want the room to stay active indefinitely, check the box next to Recurring meeting.
          A pop-up will come up and you can set a recurring schedule.  If you are not sure for when or how long, choose No Fixed Time next to recurrence.
      3. If a meeting is set to be at one specific time, after the meeting ends, the room will move to the Previous Meetings tab, where it will be deleted in 30 days and the room ID will be reassigned elsewhere.
    7. Video: Host and Participant video – They are OFF by default. These can be turned on at any time during the meeting.
    8. Audio options: Both (Telephone and VoIP only) is set as the default but if you want to limit how to participate you can, take your pick.
    9. Meeting Options:
      1. Require Password locks down a meeting and participants need to know it to enter.
      2. Enable join before host – Lets users join if the host is not there or late (We recommend it being checked, just in case).
      3. Mute participants on entry – Requires participants to enable mic manually when they enter.  This option can be good so that mics are not accidently on and pick up what may not want broadcasted.
      4. Use Personal Meeting ID – You can have the room directly tied to your meeting ID.
      5. Advanced options lets you add additional hosts to the room.
    10. Click Save.


        This meeting now appears under the Upcoming Meetings tab.