EARTH house

Who We Are

EARTH House is an enjoyable and diverse living environment for students interested in agricultural and environmental issues. Academic support including tutoring and study groups is also part of EARTH House. Activities include hiking trips, clean-up at Shaver's Creek, volunteer projects, and trips to agricultural events such as the Pennsylvania Farm Show. EARTH House is located in North Halls.



408 Ag Sci and Industries Bldg

Did You Know?

Shaver's Creek: Throughout the semester, we have various activities at Shaver's Creek Environmental Center. Located about 20 minutes from campus, it is an educational nature center for kids of all ages! We help with various activities, from the Maple Harvest Festival to setting up and helping with a haunted trail!

Thon: EARTH House is an active participant every year in THON, participating in a majority of the canning trips and raising money to fight pediatric cancer.