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Animals and Livestock

Applying Manure with A Drag Line System

Drag line manure application is attracting farmers attention in Pennsylvania. Numerous advantages can be found when compared to hauling manure in tankers.

COVID-19 Ag Legal Update Webinar #1: Overview of State and Federal Government Responses

This webinar, presented by The Penn State Center for Agricultural and Shale Law, synthesizes some of the most important agricultural legal developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Ag Legal Update Webinar #2: Focus on Dairy

This webinar, presented by The Penn State Center for Agricultural and Shale Law, provides a focus on the dairy industry and related legal developments stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Crossbreeding Dairy Cattle With Beef Semen

In recent years, the use of beef semen to breed dairy cows has increased at a dramatic rate. This video will explore a research program designed to investigate the outcomes of those crossbred matings, the calves.

H-2A Agricultural Workers Visa Growers Forum: Employer Compliance with COVID-19 Legal Requirements for Ag Labor

This webinar recording covers employer and employee workplace legal responsibilities and recommendations, to protect businesses, business owners, and employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Long Term Decisions Through Milk Supply Management

Many dairy farms are experiencing economic hardships with COVID-19, facing difficult decisions including ending operation in the dairy industry. Join this live webinar for money saving tips.

Manure Incorporation in No-Till Systems

Manure injection conserves the benefits of no-till while reducing soluble phosphorus in runoff caused by high phosphorus concentrations at the soil surface. Less odor and decreases in nitrogen losses are additional benefits.

Rotational Grazing for Horse Farms

Make the most of your pasture acreage using rotational grazing!

Forests and Wildlife

Amphibians and Reptiles in Your Woods

Amphibians and reptiles are important members of the forest community. Learn how to enhance your property for amphibian and reptilian wildlife.

Deer Control Options for Farmers and Landowners

Crop damage caused by deer is a reoccurring theme for farmers. Learn about the management options available to control deer populations.

Do Lichens Cause Harm to Trees?

Lichens are often thought to be a pest or disease to trees and shrubs.

Grouse and Woodcock

Speaker: Mark Banker, Senior Biologist with the Ruffed Grouse Society.

Native Plants of Pennsylvania

Webinar presentation by Linda Wiles (Penn State Extension) and Dr. Gary San Julian (professor of Wildlife Resources).

Precautions for Deer Hunters in Areas with Chronic Wasting Disease

I am a deer hunter. Now that chronic wasting disease has been found in the state, are there any precautions I should take?

The Secret Life of Bluebirds

A behind the scenes and "inside the box" view of the secret and busy life of a nesting bluebird.

Thinking of Selling Your Timber? Beware of "High Grading"

A common form of timber cutting in Pennsylvania and many other states is known as high-grading. This practice is sometimes called "select", or "selective" cutting as it removes only the most valuable timber and leaves the rest in the woods.

Tree of Heaven: Accurate Identification

Learn the distinguishing characteristics of the invasive tree-of-heaven that you can use to accurately identify it.

Tree of Heaven: Control Strategies

Tree-of-heaven is especially difficult to eliminate. Learn when and how to apply control measures, including herbicides, to eradicate this prolific tree.

Valuing Standing Timber and the Role of the Consulting Forester

As part of their ownership goals, woodland owners may want or need to harvest trees from their woods. Understanding the value of those trees is generally the first step in the process.

Why are My Spruce Trees Dying?

Learn how to identify types of spruce trees, symptoms of two common fungal diseases, and what if any treatments are available.

Wildlife Damage - CSI Wildlife

Ever wonder who assaulted your apple tree or committed a felony on your tulips? Learn crime scene investigation techniques to learn "who done it."

Wildlife Food Plot Series: Natural Landscape Habitat Management

Learn about natural landscape habitat management during this webinar!

Woodlot Tour

Caring for forests is an important topic. Watch this virtual tour that provides answers to common questions and presents information concerning marking boundary lines, invasive plants, selling timber, and growing new forests after a tree harvest.