Posted: June 30, 2009

Vivian Chang, Candace Croney, Steve Taylor

Vivian Chang, currently the International Regional Quality Assurance Manager for Tyson Foods, graduated from Penn State in 2001 with a Masters of Science degree in Food Science and an emphasis on Food Safety and Microbiology, after receiving her bachelor's degree from the Universidad Del Valle de Guatemala in 1997. While pursuing her master's degree, Chang worked as a graduate research assistant at Penn State in 2000-2001, where she participated and lectured for Penn State Sanitation and Food Microbiology Shortcourses, before presenting her thesis results at American Meat Science Association Reciprocal Meat Conference.

Candace Croney, Assistant Professor of Animal Science at Oregon State University, was awarded the Outstanding New Professor Award for the College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State in 2003. That same year, she was also a recipient of the Humane Society of the United States Animals and Society Teaching Award. Croney earned her Master of Science degree and PhD in Animal Sciences at Penn State after completing her undergraduate education at Cook College and Rutgers University. While a student at Penn State, Croney worked as a graduate research assistant for the Department of Dairy and Animal Science.

Steve Taylor, a licensed professional engineer, is currently employed by A Weyerhaeuser Business as NextPhase Strategic Development Manager, iLevel, where his responsibilities include developing business model and implementing business plan for whole house fabrication software and consulting program and administer programs with customers throughout North America. Taylor began working for A Weyerhaeuser Business in 1996, after completion of his PhD in Engineering from Penn State, as FrameWorks Manager, Trus Joist. Taylor received his bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State in 1985. Before returning to earn a minor in Science, Technology and Society and a master's degree in Civil Engineering in 1992, Taylor worked as Design Supervisor/Project Engineer and Development Engineer for the Murphus Company/Woodhouse in Mansfield, Pa.

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