Hello Alumni and Friends,

Have you ever wondered: What led me here? You know, what led you to a specific moment in time? During We Are Weekend 2019, I was able to take a moment between all the festivities and ponder that question.

The door had just closed behind me and my eyes began to adjust to the crisp white walls and immaculately shined floors of a corridor in Rec Hall. At the end of the corridor with the Nittany Lion logo in the background, I could see Distinguished Alumnus Honoree John “Jack" Storer ('50 Forestry) and his family enjoying stories from Jack's time on the 1949 Penn State football and basketball teams. A feeling of immense pride washed over me and I thought about the passion that was fueling that pride. It is a passion that led us here. My passion for connecting alumni and their families to a time forgotten has led to this spot in my career, just as Jack's passion led him to this joyous moment reflecting on his accomplishments.

The mission of the College of Agricultural Sciences Alumni Society is to connect, serve, and recognize alumni, students, and faculty by fostering relationships, commitment, and pride in support of the College of Agricultural Sciences. As a part of the Penn State Alumni Association, an organization powered by pride, we invite you to harness your passion to imagine, invent, and collaborate as one inclusive community. Together we can build the future we want to live in.

Fueled by Passion,
Alan V. Schaffranek Jr.
Director of Alumni Relations